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Mar 28, 2011

McD 2 Free Big Breakfast

McD has came up with the idea of 2 Free Big Breakfast with purchase of RM5. All you need is just download & print the coupon. The promo ends on 31 March. My sister called me last night and asked me to follow her and she came CFS with the printed coupon and suggested to have McD breakfast today. The breakfast is serve from 4am to 11am daily.

We were there at 10.30 am to make our purchase. However we waited about 20 minutes for our breakfast set to be served. That was because there were too many orders.

The printed coupon which enable us to save RM13.80 for 2 Free Big Breakfast (without drinks)
therefore I ordered 2 medium iced Milo seems i was quite thirsty.

consists of Scramble Egg, English Muffins(crisp exterior with soft texture), Grilled Chicken Sausage and Hash Brown.



::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

i like hash brown

naem said...

i like hash beown too :D

@in k@tie said...

tq..akhirnye jumpe gak koupon ni..

naem said...

okayyyyy :D welcome welcome

@in k@tie said...

hmm,print biase,x de warne pon ok an?

Anonymous said...

hash brown! awesomeeeeeee!!!!

naem said...

ain : takde warne pun takpe.bley photocopy je'

nfk : harussss lahhh awesome like crazy kan :D

@in k@tie said...

naem: dah beli pg td..tq la wat entry ni..hehe

naem said...

okayyy welcome :D

Anonymous said...

tak sound awal2 dowhhh

Anonymous said...

dah lepas derrr


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